384 MegaPixel

Serving the Greater Houston Area and way beyond that!

Our scanner type is used by Museums throughout the world to digitally capture their precious art. Canon® and Nikon® cameras are used by professional photographers for, uh... well, they are used for photography. A camera-mounted scan is more than a digital photo. It is the most detailed, color-faithful art reproduction process ever.

The proof is in the printing:

"Frida a la Bohemia" ©2011, Acrylic on Canvas, by Lizbeth Ortiz of Houston, Texas. Jennifer is showing the artist proof next to the original.

We Use

  • Premier gallery-grade scanning and printing equipment...
  • High end color-managed hardware and software...

and this allows us to create some of the finest, most color-correct canvas and fine art paper giclees available.

We Conform to Industry Standard Color Management Practices

We use a color-managed workflow to ensure the colors in your digital files are industry standard and repeatable in color managed print shops across the world.

This means your colors can be accurately reproduced throughout the world!

We digitize artwork that is used in advertising and other nationally distributed publications that require the finest color-managed pre-press work available.

We have been privileged to work with commercial artists, national organizations, museums, and publishers throughout the United States including Houston, San Antonio, Dallas, Washington D.C., New York, and Boston.

Our footprint may be small, but our outreach demonstrates our proven abilities.